hudba z 2x10, 2x12 a 2x13

2x10 Thanks Ungiven

"Hold On" od Angus & Julia Stone
"My Pet Snakes" od Jenny & Johnny
"Weeds" od Joshua James
"Worried About" od Lissie

2x12 Teacher Schooled

"Anything Goes" od Charlie Calleja
"Be Still My Heart" od Peter Bradley Adams
"You Bring Me Home" od Brandon Chandler
"You Got Growing Up To Do" od Joshua Radin

2x13 Affair Remembered

"Avenida de Conejo" od Edward Smith
"Back From Beyond" od Kid Harpoon
"Back Track" od Edward Smith & David Patt
"Belong" od Cary Brothers
"Love Me Like The World Is Ending" od Ben Lee
"Not The Same As Yesterday" od The New Hotness
"That's How It Is" od Paul Freeman
"You and Me" od Elizabeth & The Catapult
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